A Guide to Picking a Silicone Injection Removal Doctor

Unfortunately, a lot of cases have been surfacing of foreign matters injected into the body such as the butt and thighs, done by unscrupulous or untrained doctors. These foreign substances are quite numerous and include Silicone, Hydrogel, Biopolymer, and Aqua gel, among others, which are not approved by the FDA for body contouring and are known to cause extreme harm to the human body. The known side effects can comprise unending pain and severe injuries like scarring, death of body tissue as well as permanent disfigurement. On top of that, these materials have been heavily associated with a selection of undesirable reactions like granulomas, and lymphedema. Usually, they may lead to blemishing lingering infections that would need intravenous antibiotics or undergoing extensive surgeries. For instance, if the silicon moves past the area of injection, it may lead to an embolism, stroke and even death. To avoid this, you should ensure you go for a silicone injection removal surgery. However, with numerous experts out there offering the service, how can you ensure you are picking the right silicon removal doctor? We have detailed down a list of pointers that you ought to look out for when looking for a doctor or surgeon for your silicone injection removal.
Before you schedule for the procedure, take time to figure out whether the facility and the specialist you are considering is a licensed and trained expert in the treatment of silicone toxicosis. Considering that not everybody offering the services is not a qualified specialist, you will want to verify that the individual you are working with is indeed qualified and can offer you the results you need. It is a good idea that you check whether the professional you choose to partner with has training in the medical field and trained in a decent medical school. On top of a medical degree, make sure they have majored in a relevant specialty that offers the knowledge and skill needed to offer the ideal results.
The experience of the silicon removal doctor matters a lot when scheduling treatment with an expert. While technological advances have made this procedure pretty safe, we cannot say that procedures like silicon or biopolymer removal are entirely safe. As such, you ought to ensure that you are partnering with an expert that has considerable experience as that ensures they know how to reduce the risks.
Make sure you go through the reviews of the specialist before seeking silicon removal treatment and surgery. Reviews of past patients allow you to know the quality of treatment the expert can deliver. You can also ask the silicon removal professional for references or before and after photos.

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